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Brief Introduction and Biography

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"Brief Introduction & Biography Darbar-Ul-Naqshbandiya Foundation":

"Darbar-Ul-Naqshbandiya Foundation" was initially established in 1978 without any name by "Hazrat Sajjadah Nashin Shah Ainuddin Aarif Naqshbandi Chishti Qadri Suharwardi Mujaddadi Mujarradi" (Rd.) (son of "Hazrat Sajjadah Nashin Qutub Shah Armaan Naqshbandi Chishti Qadri Suharwardi Mujaddadi Mujarradi" Rd.) had worked on the Way of Mysticism of Islamic Silsilah (Panth) "Naqshbandiya, Chishtiya, Qadariya, Suharwardiya (Mujaddadiya, Mujarradiya)" with the Humanity for Peace and Harmony. He helped people by solving their problems like "Spiritual, Social, Personal and Health" by Ruhaaniyat (the Naqshbandi power of Soul) and prayers from God and also with the help of "Ilm-e-Zafar", "Numerology" and the Gems of Stars by "Histology". He advised and taught Disciples and Caliphs on the "Way of Sufism" of all Tariqah (N. C. Q. S. M. M.). And also he was a Great and Successful Haqeem (Ayurvedic Doctor) like his Great Father "Hazrat Sajjadah Nashin Qutub Shah Armaan Naqshbandi" (Rd.). He treated patients Free of Cost and without any expectations only for Blessings of God. The people who got treated were the patients of Infertility of both male & female with the choice of baby girl or baby boy, Paralysis, Cancerous tumor & Non Cancerous tumor, Arthritis, Hair loss, Leprosy, Blood cancer, Mental Disorders etc. He invented Khamira (Ointment) and Pain killer Oil. The Khamira (Ointment) especially for Osteoarthritis & Spondylitis. The pain Killer Oil has Speciality to cure all kinds of Muscular and Joint Pain, even if it is as old as 12 years, Cold & Cough, Tooth ache & Tooth decay, stomach ache, etc. except Eyes, Ears. Now "Hazrat Saheballah" named this Oil as "Armaani Multi-Relief Oil".

In 1982 "Hazrat Sajjadah Nashin Shah Ainuddin Aarif Naqshbandi Chishti Qadri Suharwardi Mujaddadi Mujarradi" (Rd.) gave "Khilaafat" (The Certificate of Caliph) and all Rights of Darbar and Silsilah's. He ordered Welfare of the People to his Adopted Son "Hazrat Shaikh Abdur Rehmaan / Shah Jaan-E-Aalam Naqshbandi" (Rd.). Hazrat’s son continued all the activities as like his father which is as well as made by the Silsilah of Naqshbandiya. He built his Status similar to His Father which cannot be described. In 1989 "Hazrat Sajjadah Nashin Shah Ainuddin Aarif Naqshbandi Chishti Qadri Suharwardi Mujaddadi Mujarradi" (Rd.) left this Eternal World and Met the Almighty. His Mazar "Tomb" is Placed at the Dargah (Shrine) of His Great Father & Shaykh (Peer-o-Murshad) "Hazrat Sajjadah Nashin Shah Mohd. Masoom Armaan Naqshbandi" (Rd.) in Kasar kheda, Balapur, Akola, Maharashtra. India.

In 1992, by the Grace of Allah, "Hazrat Sajjadah Nashin Shah Mohd. Malang Masoom Naqshbandi Chishti Qadari Suharwardi Mujaddadi Mujarradi (Hazrat Saheballah)" (son of "Hazrat Shaikh Abdur Rehmaan / Shah Jaan-E-Aalam Naqshbandi" (Rd.) and Disciple of "Hazrat Shaikh Abdul Sattar / Shah Miskeen Naqshbandi (Rd.)") (Disciple of "Hazrat Sajjadah Nashin Shah Mohd. Masoom Armaan Naqshbandi Chishti Qadri Suharwardi Mujaddadi Mujarradi" (Rd.) and Caliph of "Hazrat Gulaam Rasool / Shah Bhole Bawa Rd." Disciple and Caliph of "Hazrat Sajjadah Nashin Qutub Shah Armaan Naqshbandi Chishti Qadri Suharwardi Mujaddadi Mujarradi"(Rd.) was appointed as Caliph of "Hazrat Sajjadah Nashin Shah Sadique Saani Armani Naqshbandi Chishti Qadri Suharwardi Mujaddadi Mujarradi" (son of "Hazrat Sajjadah Nashin Shah Ainuddin Aarif Naqshbandi Chishti Qadri Suharwardi Mujaddadi Mujarradi" Rd.) and Sajjadah Nashin (the Heir of Shrine) of "Hazrat Shah Ainuddin Aarif (Rd.) and his Great Father Hazrat Shah Masoom Armaan Naqshbandi Chishti Qadri Suharwardi Mujaddadi Mujarradi (Rd.)" in Balapur, Maharashtra. "Hazrat Saheballah" and got All Charges of Four "Silsilahs (Naqshbandiyah Chishtiyah Qadriyah Suharwardiyah Mujaddadiyah Mujarradiyah Rd.) And Dargah's".

Then in Mumbai "Hazrat Saheballah" reformed the "Darbar - Monestary" and declared by the name of "Darbar-Ul-Naqshbandiya (A Monestary of Naqshbandiya)". "Hazrat Saheballah" also follows the same aims and the duties of Silsilahs and Dargah Sharif. At the same time "Hazrat Saheballah" Developed the "Darbar-Ul-Naqshbandiya" & Four Sects-Silsilahs (Naqshbandiyah Chishtiyah Qadriyah Suharwardiyah Mujaddadiyah Mujarradiyah Rd.) in Mumbai.

The Foundation has achieved the following milestones:
Organised first peace & Relief Committee during Mumbai riots in 1992-93 in Kurla and Ghatkopar in co-operation with several other Muslim organizations.

  • Organised & coordinated around 12 symposiums, seminars & camps with different social organizations to promote humanity & secularism during 1993-94.
  • Since 1994, Foundation has been working for the upliftment of women, fighting for women's rights, especially dowry cases, domestic violence involving harassment from husband/in-laws, fighting for maintenance of divorcees, widows, orphans, etc.
  • Worked in co-ordination with various social organizations for collections and relief work during the Kargil war.
  • During the landslide which occurred at Hill No. 4, Azad Nagar, Ghatkopar, in the-rainy season, 300-400 people died and the area was totally devastated. At that time the Foundation worked with the activists of Hon. State Minister Mohd. Aarif Naseem Khan, for providing relief and shelter to the affected people, during Congress Party President Mrs. Sonia Gandhi's visit to the site. The Foundation also paid special attention to the plight of women who were widowed and saw to it that the amount of relief announced by the Government and other social organizations reached the affected people.
  • During the Gujarat earthquake the Foundation worked on collections, in co-ordination with various organizations, to be sent for earthquake relief.

Activities Organised in Darbar-Ul-Naqshbandiya Foundation :

"Hazrat Saheballah" initiated the Prayers (Shijrah khwani) in "Darbar-Ul-Naqshbandiya" on every Monday & Thursday at 7:00 p.m. (Indian Standard Time) and at 9:00 p.m. "Halqa Mubarak" on Monday for Females and Thursday for Males, and on certain "Holy" days as well as on selected days. He also started "Khatam Sharif" first Thursday of every month of era.

In addition to these programs teaching of Sufism is preached on Wednesday & Friday. For the welfare of Humanity, Disciples, Followers & Needy go for Ziyaarat (Pilgrimage) to the "Tomb" of "Hazrat Shaikh Abdul Sattar / Shah Miskeen Naqshbandi (Rd.) (Painter Baba)" (in Hazrat Hajoori (Rd.) Qabarastan, Wagle estate Thane Maharashtra India) on Friday after Namaaz-e-Jumma. And also on certain "Holy" and selected days for Peace and Harmony to every individual of India & all over the World. Tuesday & Saturday are kept for Needy, Worried Patients to solve their Problems.

Meeting of DNF is arranged on alternate Sunday's of every month and Emergency meetings, if required, are also organised.


In 2000 the "Darbar-Ul-Naqshbandiya" was registered under the Registration act 1860/21 & Public Trust Act 1950/29 with the name of "Darbar-Ul-Naqshbandiya Foundation".

Regd. No.: MH/MUM/797/2000. G.B.B.S.D.
M.P.T. No.: F-22235/2000.
ITE Cert. No.: ITE Cert.No. : DIT(E)/80G/2895/2008/08-09,Dt.: 27/3/08.
Valid from 01/4/2008 - 31/3/2011.

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The Aims & Mission of Darbar-Ul-Naqshbandiya Foundation:

"Darbar-Ul-Naqshbandiya Foundation" is a non-profit organization devoted to publicize the concept of Islamic spirituality (Tasawwuf), Sect-Silsilah (the Way of Tariqat-Panth, "Naqshbandiya, Chishtiya, Qadariya, Suharwardiya, Ovesiya, Mujaddadiya, and Mujarradiya)".

  • To realize and spread the knowledge of Unity, in accordance with the teachings of the Sufi orders, understand the Power of Mysticism, without any bias of religion for establishing communal Peace and Harmony.
  • The Vision of Darbar-Ul-Naqshbandiya Foundation is to provide benefit to the poor, down trodden, orphans, widows, diseased and other needy peoples.
  • Spreading the light of knowledge by establishing educational institutions.
    (Schools, Study circles, Coaching Classes, Balwadis, Madarsa's, and Dar-Ul-Ulooms etc.)
  • Establishing Libraries where books related to spiritual & religious topics would be kept in National Languages.
  • Establishing medical institutes for the economically backward.
    (Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Camps, Free medicines, Medical Van and Ambulance Facilities etc.)
  • Carrying out all Social Activities to alleviate suffering of the people.

Current Activities of Darbar-Ul-Naqshbandiya Foundation:

Currently Darbar-Ul-Naqshbandiya Foundation is carrying out the following social activities:

  • Provides assistance for marriage of orphans / girls.
  • Providing free / subsidised medicine to needy / poor people, also referring them to Doctors wherever necessary.
  • Arranges Medical camps such as Blood Donation camp, Eye Check up & Sugar Check up camps, etc....
  • Arranging for bottles of blood during operations for the needy and poor.
  • Help for needy stranger traveler.
  • Started Madarasa for teaching of The Quran Sharif for Children's and adults.
  • Appointed an Aalim (Scholar) for teaching of The Quran Sharif & The Hadidh Sharif to interested adults.
  • Distributes "The Quran Sharif", "The Hadidh Sharif" and other religious books for interested people.
  • Provides note books, uniforms, educational scholarships to needy / poor students.
  • Provides assistance in disaster relief like Tsunami, Earth Quakes, Floods, Hunger death, Bomb blast and Riot affected.
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Darbar-Ul-Naqshbandiya Foundation has appointed an Aalim (Scholar) for Teaching Arabic to learners of all age.


Religious and Spiritual books are available in Darbar-Ul-Naqshbandiya Foundation.

Management of Darbar-Ul-Naqshbandiya Foundation:

We have pleasure to convey / announce that the Trust is under the Management of Skilled and Educated, Young and Enthusiastic Personalities with an option to be elected and formed by further election by the General Body.

Become a member of Darbar-Ul-Naqshbandiya Foundation:

Any Indian adult citizen can become the member after the fulfillment of certain procedure as per the Foundation rules and regulations. To serve people is to serve Allah(J)-God, so, are you wish to be a member of our Foundation?
If yes, and if you wish to serve and to help people contact us.


We solemnly admit that your sacrifice, co-operation and charity of any nature will be used for the upliftment of the people and betterment of humanity.

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Darbar-Ul-Naqshbandiya Foundation
#12, S. K. Kapadiya Chawl, Parsiwadi,
Chirag Nagar, Ghatkopar (W)
Mumbai 400 086.
Maharashtra, INDIA.
Fax : 022 - 2512 84 42.


Jazaakallah-Thanking you by hoping your step towards the favour of Darbar-Ul-Naqshbandiya Foundation.

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