Prophet Huzoor Mohammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam)


Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem
In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful

There is no deity but Allah Muhammad (S) is the Apostle of Allah
Allah Almighty gave the good news and commendation regarding His Beloved Prophet Mohammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam-May the blessings and the peace of Allah be upon him) to all Prophets Alaihissalatu Wassalam-On Him are the blessings and the peace of Allah And in all Holy books which were revealed on Prophets (A).
By the Grace of ALLAH, we have given below some evidences collected from various Holy books and literatures.
Prophet Mohammad (S) was born during the dawn on Monday 09 Rabiyul Awwal 53 B.H.. According to Christian Era 20th of April, 571 A.C. He (S) was born 55 days after the incident of Aamalfeel. The time in Makkah-e-Mukkarrma was 4.20am. According to sun clock, which was used by Arab countries the time was 9.55am.
The name of His (S) Father was Abdullah Radiallahu anhu-May the Mercy of Allah be up on him bin (son of) Abdul Muttalib. The name his mother was Aaminah (R). His (S) Father had already passed away before His (S) birth. Prophet Mohammad (S) is the sixtieth branch of Prophet Ibraheem's (A) family tree. When He (S) was 6 years of age, His (S) mother Aamina (R). also passed away. He (S) was brought up by His (S) grandfather Abdul Muttalib. After His (S) grandfather passed away, His (S) uncle Abu Taalib took the responsibility of His (S) upbringing.

“I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now”. “However, when He (S), the Spirit of truth has come, He (S) will guide you in to all Truth; for He (S) will not speak on His (S) own authority, but whatever He (S) hears He (S) will speak; and He (S) will tell you things to come”. “He (S) will glorify Me ( Jesus - Hazrat Iesa Alaihissalatu Wassalam - On Him are the blessings and the peace of Allah.), for He (S) will take of what is Mine and declare it to you”.

(Ref.: New Testament; JOHN; Chapter 16; Verses 12-14.)

It is mentioned in the Puraan that Jagadguru-Sarvar-e-Qainath Huzoor Mohammad (S) will be born to Vishnu Bhagat and Somti. He (S) will be born on Monday, 12 th day of the month of Baisakh, two hours before sunrise.
His (S) father would have passed away before His (S) birth and afterwards His (S) mother will also leave the earth.
He (S) will be married to the Queen of Salmaldeep (Desert-Arab country). His (S) uncle and brother would be present at the time of Marriage.
He (S) will be taught the path of knowledge, in a cave, by Parashram (Hazrat Jibrayel. Alahis Salaam) . When He (S) will be matured, He (S) will start promoting the way of new Religion (Islam) due to which His (S) relatives and friends will become His (S) enemies. In the end due to harassment by the people, He (S) will migrate towards the Caves (Madina).
But He (S) will return and capture the same place by the might of the sword.
(Reference – Kalanki Puraan: Khand 12; published by Faisul Islam Press-Rawalpindi.)
(In Kalanki Puraan Jagadguru means Sarvar-e-Qainath, Hazrat Abdullah is mentioned as Vishnu Bhagat, Hazrat Aaminah is mentioned as Somti, Salmaldeep means a desert (Arab Country) and Jibrael (Alahis Salaam) is mentioned as Parashram.)
The Gospel of Buddha says that when Gautam Buddha "Alaihissalatu Wassalam-On Him are the blessings and the peace of Allah" predicted about the end of his life, his beloved disciple Anant was in a grief stricken and he asked who would guide them after his end. Gautam Buddha "Alaihissalatu Wassalam-On Him are the blessings and the peace of Allah" replied that, "I am not the only and last Buddha who has graced the earth. At a pre-determined time another Buddha will be born (Prophet Mohammad S.), who (S) will have the complete knowledge of Dharmashastra (Shariyat & Ma'refat), who (S) will be the Ruler of the Universe, who (S) will teach you the True Knowledge which I have taught you. He (S) will teach the Dharmashastra (Shariyat & Ma'refat) in a dignified, better and complete manner. He (S) will promote a pure and completely spiritual religion, which I have always done."
(Ref.: - GOSPEL OF BUDDHA; Page no 217, 218 Authors-Karos.)

It is written in the Torah (The Old Testament) that, "Your LORD YOHA, will send a Prophet like me, who will be from amongst you and your brothers. You listen and follow His (S) path. This is according to the fact, that when you had asked your LORD YOHA, to hear His (S) voice again and again then He (S) showed the vigorous flame.

At that time LORD YOHA told me that whatever has been said is true. I will send a Prophet like you, from amongst your brothers and I will send my revelations through Him (S) and whatever instructions I will give Him (S), He (S) will say.

(Reference: Khand 18; Aayat 15, 18)
Prophet Musa ("A") was from the Bani Israel community who were from the Race of Prophet Issac ("A"), who was the Son of Prophet Ibrahim ("A"). But, Prophet Mohammad (S) was from the Race of Prophet Ismail ("A"). who was the Second Son of Prophet Ibrahim ("A").
Now you know about the truth, all Messengers and all Holy Books orderd us to follow the right path of the last Messenger. We kindly request and appeal you to understand and Identify the truth and please think about it and choose the right path, after all today or tomorrow we all are going to die and go to the Monestery of God, He will ask us "are you unware of the truth", then why you did'nt follow the right path of My last Messenger? At that time we cant lie and no body can help us.
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