Late Members & Well Wisher

Bismillahir Rehmaanir Raheem - In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful
O Allah! Forgive me, my parents, my teachers, my relatives, my disciples, my acquaintances
and all the believing mens and all the believing womens
and all Muslim mens and all Muslim womens include this servants with your Mercy.
O Most Merciful of (all) those who have Mercy.


Late Mohsinah Khatun (Sakhi) Late Md. Sayeed (Abba) Late Sk. Moinuddin (Baba)

Late Sk.Md. Salim
(Bade Miyan)

Late Sk.Md. Rasheed Late Ashok Vishwakarma (Bhaiya)

Late Mr. Shams Ejaaz (Advocate)

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